5 Facts You Need to Know as a Coffee-Lover!

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Did you know that coffee was banned in a certain country? What about the nation that consumes the most coffee? If you are a coffee-lover, it will certainly be a plus to know more about coffee that simply the type of blends available! Here are five interesting facts about coffee that you need to know!

 Coffee Bean Comes from a Fruit

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You read that right. Despite of having the word ‘bean’, coffee beans are actually the seeds of a fruit! Commonly known as Coffee Cherry, the fruit is actually edible and possesses a number of health benefits. One benefit is the high antioxidants in the fruit, that can minimize the risk of cancer!

Ever wondered how a coffee fruit tastes like?

 Coffee was Banned

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From 1756 to 1817, coffee was actually prohibited in Sweden. Worried of the possibility that it might harm one’s health, King Gustav III ordered for the ban of coffee. He even carried out an experiment, where some prisoners would drink coffee and have their health observed. Ironically, the doctor observing them passed away before them!

 The Most Expensive Coffee

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Perhaps you already know that Kopi Luwak is the world’s most expensive coffee. But do you know how expensive it is? One cup of this beverage in Indonesia can reach up to more than IDR 300.000, while in the US, a single cup can be priced for USD 80 (or more than IDR 1.000.000!). For those who don’t know, the beans for Kopi Luwak are obtained from the excretion of Civet Cats usually found in Indonesia. Basically, these beans were covered in animal poop!

Coffee is Actually Quite Healthy!

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Don’t think that caffeine (which is quite beneficial) is the only substance in a coffee. Coffee in general possesses a number of nutrients, such as Vitamin B2 and B5. Also, studies show that drinking coffee can reduce the risk of Type II Diabetes, Dementia, or even Alzheimer’s!

But of course, too much coffee isn’t good for you.

The World’s Largest Coffee Consumer

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Finland is the world’s largest coffee drinker. The average citizen of Finland drinks 2 and a half cups of coffee each day. There is even the law (yes, the one issued by the government) that there has to be official coffee breaks for most of the employees in the country. In any celebrations, you can expect to find coffee there.

Seems like a good place to live, doesn’t it?

Those are the five facts about coffee that you should know as a coffee-lover! Did knowing more about coffee make you appreciate it more?



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